This product comes unassembled for lower cost shipping.*

Made exclusively by Glitter Chimp is our Turner Adapter for Pens which can hold 8 pens and fits on a 1/2" PVC Pipe (Pipe size should be on the outside of the pipe.  Diameter is measured based on the inside diameter of the pipe).  Each holder is laser cut from a high-quality MDF Board. This is the perfect accessory for displaying all of your glitter pens.  Each holder comes flat with interlocking supports. Glue or epoxy is recommended to assemble. The holes in the adapter are designed to fit #2 pencils or standard-sized color pencils. We prefer to use wood glue, but even regular Elmer's glue would work as well. 

SIZE: 3 3/16" wide by 4" diameter

Turner Adapter for Pens 1/2" - Glitter Chimp